"Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing. Therefore, just as water retains no constant shape, so in warfare there are no constant conditions."
Sun Tzu


Innovative Internet services make it now possible for others follow my trades and actually replicate my buy and sell decisions in their accounts.
Covestor, is a trade sharing service that tracks trading activitity and compares performances of individual investors.  Covestor Investment Management (CVIM) has developed the first retail Multi Managed Account (MMA), a form of active money management previously only available to those with millions of dollars invested with a wealth management firm. I am one of the first Investors managing a model available for subscription so others can follow my moves on there.
CVIM allows others to automatically invest alongside individual and professional investors, who manage their own accounts. They license real time trading data from investors, create a model of each and then give you the information to choose which you would like to subscribe to, to be auto traded for you in a managed account. Using the CVIM console investors are then given a complete view into their positions and performance, per model in their MMA. If you are interested in replicating my trades, refer to my profile on the Covestor platform.
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